Garbage Time

So, woke up today with him at my feet holding garbage bag.  I swear he’s watched way too many serial killer movies.  I wasn’t that worried he was there for me as the bag looked a bit heavy.  But I was worried that someone’s head might be in it.  Instead he asked the famous, only one way to answer, question “Are you awake?” 

Once I said “yes” he dashed to my garbage can and emptied it of the week’s garbage, which consisted of two Q-tips and perhaps some dust.  As my feet hit the floor, John asked me why I had not brought down the garbage the night before as it’s garbage day.  Since the Q-tips are white and the bin is white I actually couldn’t see that there was anything actually in the bin.  Well, that’s not a good enough answer from someone questioning you at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning.  Cont’d…

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